Events for Students

2017 Junior Music Festivals

18th Jun to 19th Nov - All Day

Please see details under “Students” for registration forms and regulations.

Held at various locations in the Sydney Metropolitan area as well as Newcastle and Wollongong.

Nan Price Memorial Scholarship

12th Aug - All Day
Newcastle Grammar School, Newcastle NSW





1.Open to piano students residing in NSW from 6th grade level and above . Maximum age limit  21 .

Max. age will be determined from exactly one month prior to the official close of entry date.

2.Winner of previous year is  NOT eligible to enter the following year but can enter again the  year after that.

3.Entries must be submitted on official entry form which can be printed from our website at or obtained from [email protected]

4.The MTA NSW, Newcastle Branch reserves the right to amend or refuse any entry, to alter prizes or cancel the event in the case of insufficient entries.

  1. The use of recording devices is strictly prohibited and no photography will be allowed during performances. Failure to observe this may result in disqualification.

6.Applicants must send in their registration by the due date. Late entries will not be accepted.

  1. The decision of the MTA NSW Newcastle Branch in all questions of dispute arising out of , or not provided for by these regulations and conditions, will be final. No dispute will become the subject of any appeal at law.


8.These auditions are treated as a public performance and are therefore open to the public free of charge.

  1. Entrants must present themselves at the door /desk at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time.
  2. A copy of the music to be performed must be provided for the adjudicator. It should be handed in to the music co ordinator at the desk on arrival. Original music must be collected by the competitor at the end of the auditions or at a break. All care taken but no responsibility for music left behind. Photo copies of music will be destroyed.
  3. Copyright laws will be strictly adhered to and entrant must have an original copy (where available) in order to compete. The MTA NSW Newcastle Branch will not be liable for any copyright infringement.

12.Repertoire presented must be within the requirements set out  by MTA NSW,Newcastle Branch i.e. Two works of contrasting mood and style. Combined Max. Time limit – 12  mins.               Works must be piano solo only. No works which require accompaniment, backing tapes or CDs  will be accepted.

  1. Entrants must not be prompted or coached in any way while performing. This kind of behaviour will result in immediate disqualification.

14.Entrants should present themselves with a suitable standard of dress and stage manner.

15.Any protest regarding a performer/ interference etc. shall be lodged in writing with the convenor. The protest will be considered and decided upon within half an hour of the completion of these auditions and the decision will be final.


16.The decision of the adjudicator(s)will be final.

17.Entrants ,or those associated with the entrant, will not communicate with the adjudicator(s)prior to or during the auditions.

18.Entrants who are or have been pupils of the adjudicator at any time during the last 12 months preceding this event ,shall not be eligible to compete.

  1. The MTA NSW, Newcastle Branch reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator if necessary.

Piano Masterclass with Richard Morphew

25th Sep - 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Music Room Killara, Killara NSW

A piano masterclass for students from Grade 6 to Associate will be conducted by well known examiner, teacher, adjudicator, university lecturer:

Richard Morphew


This will be a wonderful opportunity to have a professional assessment of your student’s performance and to hear other students performing along with their assessments. Students and teachers are strongly encouraged to attend the entire session.

Grades 6 and 7 will be given 20 minutes, and Grade 8 and above will be given 30 minutes. So that each student can have the benefit of an intensive one-on-one session please note that places are strictly limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the office initially by phone or email as soon as possible to ensure a place in the session. It is likely that there will be time for only one piece to be played

Two copies of the music to be performed must be brought to the session.

Once the timetable has been finalised members will be contacted by email broadcast [EMTA] with a list of the pieces to be played.

 The MTA wishes to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of both

Mr Richard Morphew and Ms Pamela Hinde to enable this event to take place.


Registrations close 8th September, 2017

No late registrations can be accepted