Leigh Carter


Leigh Carter studied pianoforte with Carmel Lutton and harpsichord with Paul Dyer, having previously studied with Shirley Carter, Joan Dawson and Carmel Lutton. She was awarded several scholarships from the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music.

Since 1998, Leigh Carter has been a lecturer at the University of Newcastle. She currently lectures in pianoforte, professional practice, piano techniques and introduction to keyboard. For the past 18 years, she has also taught pianoforte at the Newcastle Conservatorium. Ms Carter has taught at schools including Pymble Ladies’ College, Newcastle Grammar School and St Philip’s Christian College. She is also an experienced accompanist and eisteddfod adjudicator.

In addition to lecturing, teaching and managing her private studio, Ms Carter is committed to educating and mentoring students and music teachers in her local community by promoting responsible music education. Leigh Carter has been recognised for her long-term service to the University of Newcastle and serves as the Newcastle Branch Vice President of the MTA NSW.

Mobile: 0402 721 620

Email: leighcarter@lovepianomusic.com.au

Website: www.lovepianomusic.com.au

Instruments: Musicianship, Piano,

Full MTA Member, Accredited Teacher