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Australian Music/Composers

Australian Composers
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The Music of Brett McKern
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New Music Network
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City of Sydney Cultural Council
Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia
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Art Zegelaar
Online score service for Singers
The JS Bach Homepage
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Examination Boards

Assoc Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Aust Music Examination Board (AMEB)
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St Cecilia Examinations
Trinity College London


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ABC website


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Academic remainders
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Classical music search engine
Composers, analysis etc
Every available book on classical music
Journals eg."Music Teacher"
Music resources - Music on the Move
Music Teacher Magazine
Music texts and references
Music texts and references
Muso magazine
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Piano Journal (EPTA)
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South African Music Teacher
The Big Book - (second-hand books)
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Trinity Publications Online


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Music resources - Music on the Move
On line library for classical songs and lieder
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Music Typesetting & Printing, Carlisle Print
My Music Staff
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All kinds of music technology for the studio
MAC service, repairs and training


Allans Music Direct
Contemporary teaching publications
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Open source sheet music to download
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Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Tim Topham
The Gomersalls Musical Discovery
The sheet music archive
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Australian Chamber Orchestra
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