Membership Information

What can we offer you as a member?

  • Referral service
  • The Studio magazine
  • Professional Development
  • Junior Music Festivals
  • Scholarships
  • Discounts
  • Benevolent Fund
  • Social events

How do I apply?

You can download an application form, or contact the office on 9570 1436 and an application form will be mailed to you. You will need to attach copies of relevant qualifications (see below if you have no formal qualifications).

Frequently asked questions:

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of formal recognition of attainment of an acceptable level of music teaching skills. An accredited private music teacher is considered to be able to teach effectively and may also hold an appropriate music teaching degree or diploma. This process was, prior to 1996, undertaken by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

What sort of qualifications do I need to become an Accredited Member?

Accredited Membership requires a degree or diploma in music teaching from a recognised tertiary institution. Consideration will also be given to teachers who can provide evidence of successful professional teaching including references, lists of students' achievements (eg. AMEB results), etc.

Accredited Membership is also available for those who have evidence of all or some of the following:

Acceptance as a teacher of contemporary/jazz/popular music at a tertiary institution (eg. TAFE, Conservatoria, University etc). This could include teaching of composition via computer/electronic means and audio engineering.
Qualifications such as ADJS, Certificate 4, appropriate Music Theatre qualifications or a graduate of appropriate courses from the Film & Television School etc.
A proven record of successful teaching in the field via references, list of students' achievements, etc. or the submission of a CV.
Associate Membership is for those without any formal music teaching degrees or diplomas.

Student Membership is available to full time music students enrolled in a recognised undergraduate degree or diploma course. Student membership may only be held for 4 years and evidence of student status must be included with the membership application form.

Can I join if I have no qualifications but have teaching experience?

Yes, you may still apply for Membership. Whilst Accreditation is not a condition of membership, it is hoped that all teachers would wish to become Accredited Members of the MTA.

Do I need to know a Member of the Association to join?

No, this is not necessary.

What does it cost to apply?

Membership fees are payable upon application. Please see table of fees set out below.

After the application is completed, what is the process of approval?

The application is submitted to the membership committee of our Board who meet regularly. The committee then determines the appropriate level of membership and you will be advised in writing. Newly approved members will then be asked to forward the annual membership fee (or for part of the year thereof). Once received, membership will be granted and you will be forwarded a Membership Certificate and Membership card, a copy of the MTA's Constitution and our Code of Ethics. Accredited members are entitled to use the post-nominals MMTA.

Can I join the MTA if I am not a music teacher?

Yes, members of the public are welcome to join as Friend members.

What does annual Membership cost?

The following fees shall be payable for 2021:

Membership Type Fee
Accredited Metropolitan Member $136.00
Accredited Branch Member (Newcastle and Illawarra) $136.00
Accredited Country Member $118.00
International Accredited Member $118.00
Metropolitan Member $126.00
Branch Member (Newcastle and Illawarra) $126.00
Country Member $110.00
International Member $110.00
Student Member $58.00
Friend Member $50.00