Types of Membership

Accredited Membership

This is available to those teachers holding formal qualifications which would include an appropriate degree or diploma in music teaching and pedagogy. Accredited membership may also be available to teachers without formal qualifications, providing they can provide evidence of successful professional teaching. Accredited members have voting rights at Annual General Meetings.

Teachers of contemporary music may apply for membership under this category.  Applications for contemporary members should have evidence of some or all of the following:

  • Be accepted as a teacher of contemporary/jazz/popular music at a tertiary institution (e.g. TAFE, Conservatoria, University, etc.). This could include teaching of composition via computer/electronic means and audio engineering.
  • Any suitable qualification, e.g. ADJS, Certificate 4, appropriate Music Theatre qualifications, a graduate of an appropriate course from the Film & Television School, etc.
  • A proven record of successful teaching in the field, via references, a list of student achievements, etc.
  • Submission of a CV


Membership is also available to teachers without formal qualifications, or those with insufficient qualifications to qualify for Accredited Membership.  Members have voting rights at Annual General Meetings. Whilst Accreditation is not a condition of membership, it is hoped that all teachers would wish to become Accredited Members of the MTA.

Student Membership

Student Membership is available to full-time music students enrolled in a recognised tertiary undergraduate diploma or degree course. Student membership may only be held for four years and evidence of student status must be included with the membership application form. Student members have voting rights at Annual General Meetings.

Friend Membership

Friend Membership is for retired teachers, interested members of the public, parents, grandparents, siblings, in fact any individual of the community who is not a current teaching member. Friend membership is $50 per year.